Interview with Anna Kantane

Last but not least, the only woman on board of our ship, let's hope she won't bring us bad luck 😀 She is young and talented WIM from Poland currently living in Riga, actively learning secrets of being Riga Magician. Don't let her rating fool you as she can put up a fight with anyone which she very often proves by beating Grandmaster after Grandmaster. Let's see Anna's answers:

1) How long do you play chess and what could you tell about yourself shortly as a chessplayer?

I started playing at the age of 5, because of my brother, who was attending a chess group. I really loved the whole atmosphere, it was a lot of fun with other kids and the coach we had was amazing, one can show you the charm of the game. I wasn't interested in tournaments though, when my dad took me to my 1st tournament I refused to play and he had to promise me a doll (I've already known how to deal with people! 🙂 ) so that I'd participate. I won the tournament, but actually - I've never gotten this doll!

2) How do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would like to be an IM with rating over 2400. Preferably living in a big house with a pool and a sauna 🙂

3) Do you have a player who has always been your favourite and/or has inspired you?

Without doubts it was Paul Morphy, I studied all his games when I was 8. As a little girl I loved all the sacrifices, attacks and learnt a lot about initiative and passion to the game.

4) How many hours/minutes per day do you devote for chess on a daily basis? Participation in tournaments doesn't count!

It very much depends on a current situation, but more or less 3h.

5) Name your three best and worst characteristics!

Best: honest, spontaneous, positive.
Worst: emotional, stubborn, disorganized.

6) Former World Champion Bobby Fischer once said that chess is life. What do you think?

Chess has created my life in a way and it still has a huge impact of course, but there is much more.

7) Could you win Magnus Carlsen in a match with a pawn handicap in every game?

No. It would probably just help him, one more open file to crush me 😉

8) What future do you see for online chess?

It's going to be more and more significant part of chess in general. I think it's important for advertising and showing that chess is a very interesting game. Hopefully it won't take over the actual chess too much though.

9) What's the last book you have read which is not about chess?

I read a book of Dr. W. Davis "Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health", because of my health problems, but I must say, I'm not a big fan.

10) And finally, what do you expect from the Pro Chess League?

Some fun!

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